30/05/06 -

Great gig on Friday, nice to see old and new faces. We're now gearing up for July 8th, we'll try and get some new songs under our belts for you. If you have any suggestions for songs for us to try, please leave them on the guestbook.

Until July folks...

01/04/06 -

Well it seems to have been a long time coming, but at last GB can announce gigs for 2006 (No this is not an April Fool). We're at The Westgate in May and again in July (See gig list for details). Come and take a listen as we rip through all your favourite rock/metal tracks from the last 5 decades!!.

Right lads, let's get rehearsing.

16/08/03 - Well that was a bloody hoot! A drum kit that looks alive and sounds like Mike really is trying to beat it to death, a bass rig that causes local earthquakes (you really should have felt that ~ especially the aftershock), an original Kramer Baretta and Rich with a sweat on and his eyes closed....well what more can I say? Thanks for a great night folks, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
The Blower Boys

09/08/03 - We're nearly there. We've got new songs under our belts (check out the song list page in the biogs section) and lots of new equipment to make them sound awesome. Be there on the 16th, miss this at your peril.

01/08/03 - After years of searching, Rob has finally found himself a genuine 80's Kramer Baretta. This thing really kicks some serious butt. Come on down to Rockers on the 16th and take a listen.

15/07/03 - Chris has bought a new Bass rig, What a monster it is too! Roll on the 16th, we're going to kick ass.

17/06/03 - Oh No, Mike's bought a new kit. Pictures are now on the piccies page.

11/05/03 - Another great night. Keep it coming.

17/04/03 - Comeback gig and what a great night. Thanks to everyone who turned up and we look forward to seeing you again on the 10th May. Rock On!

31/03/03 - Biog page now contains head shots of the entire new band, just place your mouse over the name of the person you want to view.

23/03/03 - Second rehearsal, everyone was on top form - roll on April 17th, we're going to have a great night.

18/03/03 - Come back gig arranged, April 17th - Maundy Thursday @ Rockers Live, Taunton. This is what we've been waiting for.

09/03/03 - First rehearsal with Chris. Blower are back louder and better than ever, need I say more.

02/03/03 - Had meeting with prospective Bass player Chris. He's really up for giving it ago. We're setting up a rehearsal with him for next week. Watch this space.

23/02/03 - Had first rehearsal with new singer Rich. What pair of lungs the guy's got. Only one more member to find and we're back!!

16/02/03 -

Don't know if you've heard, but the new music licensing laws are horrendous and affect not only pubs, but anywhere where you could possibly play an instrument, including your own house and garden! URGENT please check out:- www.petitiononline.com/2inabar
Please sign and pass this on to ALL your friends.

08/02/03 - 08 Mike and Rob have been busy rehearsing new songs and getting old ones up to scratch. It won't be long until the new band is on the road. Keep checking back for the latest news.